Stop Dog Biting: Can a Fearful Dog Be Trained Not to Bite?

In order to deal with the problem of fear-biting, you must first accept the fact that although a dog’s behavior can usually be altered for the better, sometimes there are instances when, no matter what you do, your dog will be afraid of a certain object, person, or situation for as long as he lives. Unfortunately, it is impossible to compel a puppy or dog to get over his phobia. Patience, perseverance, and consistency are all necessary for proper treatment of fear-biting. If you are too tough on your dog (screaming and yelling, showing anger/frustration etc), you will only end up exacerbating the problem, as your dog’s level of anxiety will heighten. So, a scared dog is incapable of being taught not to bite; he’s reacting out of instinct (to protect himself from what he views as danger) and panic. Even the best, most modern training that exists today will not stop a puppy or dog from biting when it is in a state of panic, as instinct and panic are powerful motivators that cannot be counteracted.

Although you cannot Directly stop fear biting through dog training, there are things that you can do in order to prevent, or drastically reduce the likelihood, that it will occur. The first thing you can do is to increase your dog’s level of confidence. A boost in confidence will ultimately decrease your dog’s level of anxiety. Next, you need to be observant and find out exactly what is causing him to feel afraid. Once you are able to pinpoint the root of his phobia, you must then try to make him comfortable in the presence of fearful object or situation.

Quick Tip: If your puppy bites when he is in a state of heightened anxiety, then it is extremely important for you to nip this behavior problem in the bud before it gets out of hand. Although this problem is Not Directly treatable through obedience training techniques, you can use indirect methods to prevent/stop your scared puppies from turning into fear-biters.

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