There are many different types of aggressive dog behavior.  Aggression aimed at strangers is one of the most common forms.  It’s not hard to tell your pet exhibits is anxious around people he does not know.  He’s fidgety and on guard: he either cannot sit still or is always restless, jumping at the slightest noise, and is a constant whining dog; or, he is too still, sitting like a rock or statue, incessantly staring at the stranger in his presence.  How come this occurs? The main reason why a dog does not like strangers is because he’s never had the opportunity to get used to them.  Don’t forget that your dog’s knowledge about the outside world is entirely dependent upon you.  A dog that gains exposure to the world around him and learns, through consistent and positive experiences, that the unfamiliar or unknown is not necessarily harmful can reasonably be expected to remain at ease when confronted with an unusual situation.

The process of getting your dog used to the world around him is called socialization. Socialization is an extremely important part of dog rearing.  Some common questions dog owners have relating to dog socialization are:  How will socialization prevent aggressive dog behavior?  How does socialization help prevent your dog from acting aggressively towards strangers?  To stop aggression towards strangers, you need to learn how to socialize your dog.


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