How to Stop a Puppy from Biting

When you bring your new puppy into the home, you must continue to teach him how to control his biting, because it is much easier for a dog to cause injury to a human as compared to another canine.  A dog that has no sense of bite inhibition is not only a nuisance, he can also be a great danger.  One minute, you can be playing with him, and the next minute he can turn around and bite you hard enough to cause pain and damage.  The game is over: you’re in agony as your dog sits there, wagging his tail.  Puppies, unlike adult dogs, don’t have the capability to cause any serious injuries because their jaws are not very strong.  Even though a pup’s teeth are as sharp as a razor, he will only be able to draw a small amount of blood when he bites because his jaw is not strong enough, yet.  So, it is your duty to nip this bad behavior problem in the bud before your biting puppy grows up to be an aggressive dog.

Here is how to stop a puppy from biting:

  • You need to establish the amount of mouthing/nipping you are willing to accept while playing with your pup and stick to that threshold.  Are you ok with your dog touching your hand with his teeth so long as he doesn’t exert any pressure, or do you want to make it clear to him that you will not tolerate any tooth-skin contact?
  • When your puppy goes above the threshold that you’ve set, you must yelp loudly as if you’re truly in pain and turn your whole body so that you are no longer facing him.
  • Get up and walk away, remembering to keep your eyes and face turned away from him.
  • Do not speak to or touch your puppy.  Your main goal is to make your pup feel socially isolated for approximately 30 seconds.  This is enough time for him to learn that his behavior caused your negative reaction.  If too much time passes, the lesson may not sink in because he may become distracted and forget that your response was elicited by his behavior.
  • If there are other people in the same room as you and your dog, they must act like you.  That is, they cannot give your pup mixed messages by playing with or showering him with attention because, if they do, all of your efforts will go down the drain.

***Please note that the above puppy training method will also work on adult dogs; however, it will take longer to see the results.

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